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Installation and License

In this part, we will guide you through the installation and licensing process.

Download and Install

Download the correct installer from Notice, the Linux version of the modules are parallel programs targeting Linux clusters, they are different programs from the Windows and MacOS desktop version.

Install on Windows

Double click the installer to install. You may choose to install for everyone, for which the program will be installed to C:\Program Files, or you may choose to install for only yourself, usually under C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Programs.

If you install the program in a system directory, then be aware that you will be asked for elevated privilege during the license registration process because the program will need to write some license related files to you install directory.

Install on Mac

Open the dmg file and drag the app into your application folder. Be aware that when you first start our program, you may be prompted with several warnings that the libssl and libcryto are not from identified developer and the software won't start. We can assure you this is fine. To resolve this, please go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Open anyways.

To register for a license

  1. Submit an online form at Then you wil receive an email containing a secret key that you will need to enter in the software.
  2. Open the software, please click Help -> Register, then enter the secret key you received in email and click Register. Information will be printed in the console area whether your license.lic file is generated successfully. You must have internet connect the first time you start a simulation, otherwise the program cannot get the license from online database. Notice, using the GUI interface does not require a license, only when you try to execute the simulation program, then a license will be requested in the background. Thus, make sure you have finished the license registration process before you start any simulation.

To update a license

  1. Delete the license.lic file from the program directory.
  2. Execute the simulation again, the program will detect no license.lic file is available and try to retreive the new license file from database. Get license for a different secret key You need to delete the "secret" hidden file from the program directory, then register your new secret key.

To update the software

We take a continuous delivery approach to publish our software, so there is no planned versioning cycle. Once there is feedback on bugs or feature requests, we will try to update the software as soon as possible. To update, you can either download it again from our download page, or use the Check for updates button in the Help menu.

If you're using Mac, the auto updating feature may not work in some cases, so please go to the download page to download the newest version.

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